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    brothergc's sale updated 11-28-2018

    looking to sell this memory seeing I am back on the intel camp and have my eyes on a new z390 setup
    here is the ram
    Ram tested with memtest and passed 4 loops , typing on it now so no issues with it
    Gskill Flairx single rank ram low latency 14-14-34 tested at 2900 speeds on both a asock and asus 470 motherboards at 1.35v

    Product will be shipped in orignal packaging for warranty with Gskill

    read carefully
    shipping to the con us 48 states only vis US mail , I do not accept paypal , money orders prefered ( us postal MO are cheep )
    I will cross ship with established traders with good heatware ratings
    I am here

    Asking $135 shipped that is 60 bucks off new retail
    PM me if you have questions or are interested as I have notifications set to auto in the thread
    also please reply to the thread

    EDIT added items
    nice AMD mid-range board asking 125 shipped comes in orignal retail box , manual , driver cd

    added item
    AMD 2600x Rizen CPU retail box used 125 , shipped
    all items working condition

    EDIT 2
    adding another little tidbit
    Asrock H270 Pro 4 and intel i-3 7120 cpu combo
    links to the items
    cpu is rocking 4.1 Ghz and hyperthreaded will come with the orignal HS that has never been used as I water cooled this
    all items in working condition , motherboard comes in orignal box with driver cd , manual, 2 sata cables , and backplate
    asking 80 bucks shipped for the mobo and cpu
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