Currently I have a Gigabyte z370 HD3 cheapo special mobo and a Samsung 970 EVO 500gig SSD.

I'm thinking about upgrading my motherboard to a z390 and I'd like to get another 970 EVO considering prices are coming down. If I do this, I'd like to RAID 0 the 970's if there's any benefit/no detriment to performance. Concerned about PCI-E Lanes etc. (not sure how DMI works on certain motherboards that have it/read some mobos have a 4x m.2 and a 2x m.2 etc.) I realize I probably won't glean any noticeable performance increase (beyond maybe game load times) as it's hard to take advantage of just one 970; but if anything I'd like to not have two drive letters. (I currently have 3 drives, the 500gig 970 and 500gig 850 and a firecuda hdd and moving files(really games) from one to another based on what's new/what I play and whatever is getting annoying; the shit I put on the firecuda might as well just be deleted)

Does anyone have a similar setup to what I'm looking for that can comment? Can anyone make a recommendation referable to which z390 board preferably around $200 which would handle this situation well? Is it just a stupid thing to think about doing?

thanks in advance,