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    Nov 2018

    Half booting SSD from MacBook Pro

    A $1000 (at the time) 3.5 years old 1 TB SSD (Samsung OEM) proceeds to about 2/3rds before failing to boot a 2015 MacBook Pro. Booting to the efi screen shows the Macintosh HD disk icon. It cannot boot from the recovery partition either. Running diskutil list in terminal from an external boot drive shows the SSD with correct partitions (efi, gpt and recovery) the first time diskutil runs, but the second attempt to use diskutil to fix the partitions, format, erase, etc., does not find the drive.
    Pulling it from the MBP and mounting in a PCIe card in a Linux box PCIe slot booted in FreeDOS running SpinRite does not find the drive too. Same for Windows.
    The drive seems to NOT be completely dead b/c it shows in the Mac efi boot screen, but I can find no way to access it to run tools on it. Any other good ideas to get "raw" access to the SSD before I bin it () are most welcome.
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