de Blasio, citing 'socialistic impulse,' wants more government control of NYC property

Oh Mr Mayor can I please give you everything I own. I sure would like you to control every aspect of my life. Liberty, Freedoms and human rights are just so archaic...

Strategies to Implement Totalitarianism
Examples of totalitarian regime strategies to gain control of the nation include:

Having a dictatorship
Employing only one ruling party
Rule through fear
Censorship of media
Propaganda in media, government speeches and through education
Criticism of the state is prohibited
Mandatory military sign up
Secret police forces
Controlling reproduction of the population (either in hopes to increase or to decrease)
Targeting of specific religious or political populations
Hmmm... Some of that looks vaguely familiar..

What’s yours belongs to everybody. Wonderful until you run out of everybody’s money... Bye bye bank accounts bye bye 401s

Sign me up Obambi...