Had a running system with an MSI 970A-G43 and an AMD FX8350 ) Socket AM3+. Antec True Power Classic 750 W PSU, Zotan Gforce 650 running one VGA Monitor and one DVI Monitor. A few weeks back, it starting to just sit with the fans running and just sit there with nothing coming up on the monitors and unable to access BIOS. I found that for a while (about a week or less) if I did a hardware shut down, wait 30 seconds or so, it would boot if I did this a few times, then it just would not boot at all.
(Sorry, I have one of those little 4 pin POST Speakers that never seems to work regardless of how I oriented it.) I made sure all of my Memory sticks were in solid, no change.

For some reason I thought GPU so I ordered a PNY GTX1050. Plugged her in, no change. Remembered that last time I had this issue, it was the PSU (More like 3 times), I RMA'ed the Antec and they said they were sending me a replacement so I assumed it had tested as defective. I had already ordered a new Thermaltake Toughpower TPD-0750M and it arrived today. Installed her and tried to boot with just the GPU, MOBO, CPU and PSU. No change, no POST. Plugged in the HDD's in case the hard drive check was holding things back. Again, just fans, not able to get into BIOS, no MSI logo, nothing.

Any help would be appreciated