I have finally managed to totally dump windows and Linux mint was the key . I can run games on it thru steam , UT 2004, serious sam and a few other older titles . Supports my printer just fine
Here are my system specs :
Asrock Z390 extreme
2x 8gb ddr 2600
Core I 3 8350k
Samsung 860 evo
EVGA superclock 1060 6 gb

I did have to do some mods , upgraded to the latest 419 kernel
upgraded nvidia drivers to 415.25

Which brings Me to this question , Linux is open source right ? well when I added the latest nvidia drivers I got a interesting message , something to the effect that I was hacking mint and should consider donating to them . While I support openly donating to the cause , how is it that I am " hacking" ? Did not mint hack Ububtu and take what they did and make it into Linux Mint ? Am I missing something here ?