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    Jan 2019

    Xeon upgrade for old Dell T5500

    I have an old Dell T5500 that I use as my main PC...mainly for gaming. It has the following specs:

    CPU: Xeon X5550 (4 core/8 thread @ 2.66 GHz, boost to 3.06 GHz)
    GPU: RX 480 (8gb)
    RAM: 24gb
    SSD: 500gb Samsung Evo 690

    I'm thinking about upgrading my CPU. I'm trying to decide between these two:

    X5675: 6 core/12 thread @ 3.06 GHz, boost to 3.46 GHz. (about $30)
    X5687: 4 core/8 thread @ 3.60 GHz, boost to 3.86 GHz. (about $30)

    There's also a X5680 that I might consider that's around $45.


    I'm leaning towards the X5675 for the additional cores/threads but the X5687 has the higher clock speeds. Note that the Dell T5500 can't overclock so I'll be stuck at stock speeds. What do you think would be the better CPU? Or should I just stick with the X5550? Thanks for your advice.

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    Jul 2010

    Re: Xeon upgrade for old Dell T5500

    Well, it depends on what you do mostly with your computer. Gaming, content creation, virtual machines and so on and so forth.

    If you do content creation and make money out of it, then I recommend 6 cores.
    Even if you only play games, I'd suggest 6 cores as more and more games will support higher number of cores in the future.
    Only if you play CPU heavy games like SC2 or CS GO, then I'd suggest 4 cores with higher frequency.

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    Jan 2019

    Re: Xeon upgrade for old Dell T5500

    I mainly use it for gaming and the occasional 2D AutoCAD. Ill probably keep an eye out for a X5680 that might go on sale. For now my X5550 is doing okay. I'm mainly playing Overwatch and I just got Rise of the Tomb Raider. I'm just thinking about future releases (Anthem) and how it will hold up. Thanks for the reply.

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