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    May 2014

    Does HDCP work with Displayport to DVI adapters?

    So, I have a second screen wich only has a DVI and a VGA port. Currently it's connected via the native DVI port on my GTX 960 and it works great even with HDCP content. However I'd love to upgrade to a Gigabyte GTX 2060 soon but that doesn't have a native DVI port. So, could I just use any cheap Displayport to DVI adapter and have it working including HDCP content or would I have to purchase a more expensive one (which would in turn eliminate the price/performance advantage of that specific GPU)?

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    Nov 2001
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    Re: Does HDCP work with Displayport to DVI adapters?

    I know it's a late response, but it should work fine. I have a displayport==>DVI adapter for my 3rd monitor and haven't run into any problems with HDCP.

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