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    Sep 2001
    Republic, WA

    Reusing old equiptment

    So I have have a ver 1 Corsair h100i that has sat on my i5 4670k since 2013. I recently upgraded using the hwlb to a mix of the high and midgrade system (2700x, x470f, rtx 2060). I was really wanting to reuse the h100 in my new system. Then I realized that the pump and all the fittings are 5 years old. I am just asking for an accident. I spent good money on these parts might aswell invest in their protection.
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    Nov 2013

    Re: Reusing old equiptment

    I have a swiftech pump/ rad combo with water block that i have had in service for over 10 years 24/7 and still going strong.
    My pumps never run at full speed usually at around 20-25% of what they can do.
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