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    Mar 2005

    Question Crazy.. Crazy issue, Need some serous help on this one.

    I've been building computers for over 20 years and I've never seen anything like this.

    My friend at work is having an issue with a new system and even his old system (Note: it's an MSI MB running the latest I9, with very high reviews).

    Every time he plugs in an internal SATA hard drive it fries out almost instantly. He has now burnt out 8 brand new hard drives and is about $700.00 in the hole. Please... Please read on, it's not as simple as a PSU.

    • He has replaced his Motherboard
    • He hooked a multimeter to his outlets, voltages seem to stay around 120V
    • He bought a PSU tester and that checks out fine.
    • He has replaced All SATA cables in the system.
    • He has bought a new Gold 1000W EVGA PSU
    • He has disconnected any external components and even took out his Video card and ran the on board.
    • He has built the system outside of the case to see if it was a grounding issue.
      Note: He is using the same case as the switch to turn on and off the power to the PSU.

    I don't know what on earth is going on here, but I can't finger this one out.

    I've taken all of his new hard drives home and hooked them to my two systems and I can't get any of them to even spin up on my system. What's odd is, he has an internal SSD and an M2 hard drive and neither of these are effected. They are working fine just as his aunts computer in the same home works fine. But as soon as he plugs in any other HD it fries out. He even ordered a new hard drive that I tested at my place first, we put this latest (8th) drive in after he rebuilt and replaced everything and this latest drive also fried out. I thought it was the MB, but he put together his old system and the same thing is happening on that.

    What could be frying out these drives? I can't think of anything else to replace.

    Advanced Thanks.
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