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    Jul 2002
    Cornelius, OR

    Need to switch Providers

    I live in Cornelius, Oregon, on a populated finger 20 miles west of Portland Oregon. Our neighboring town is Forest Grove it is the tip of that finger.

    I have been getting ever increasing bills from Frontier FIOS, at one time nine years ago it was right at $100 a month for 2 years, super. Later it went up to 130, okay I knew it would. Internet slowed, we were paying basic internet, we needed enhanced, so that was 20 more, but the bill was 170 and my TV channels changed, not for the better either. Another call, another rigamarole, things seem better, but the promised lower bill is actually higher 195. Call and complain lose some channels, lose long distance on the phone (Good internet though) bill is 220 moves gradually to 230, now it jumps to 299 as the HD video had been discounted, now no more.

    Okay I get HD TV, FIOS Internet and local phone (But I can Fax long distance) I think 300 is too much.

    I am unaware of most options. I would like to keep the good internet and cancel the rest of the bundle.

    ATT is my mobile carrier, they are offering Direct TV. I had Direct TV when they first came out in mid 90's in Oklahoma so I know it had some drawbacks in the mid-west mainly thunderstorms. I'm sure they have improved and I don't have many weather problems here in western Oregon. But they might not be the best choice.

    I could go back to Comcast for TV.

    Can you watch TV (Big Screen) using the internet?

    Are there other alternatives out there?

    Double Thanks to all.
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    Nov 2005

    Re: Need to switch Providers

    Yes you can watch TV using just internet. For example, Netflix in HD is $13.00 a month, if you don't watch sports at all, then you wouldn't need a service such as ESPN +. HULU with live TV, is $45.00 a month, but HULU doesn't have hardly anything worth watching for VOD content anymore, and refuses to get anything else, unless you also subscribe to HULU live. All one really needs is Netflix, Amazon Prime, and if you watch sports a service such as ESPN+. If you have any kids or grandkids, you would also want to consider Boomerang Cartoon service. All I have is internet for my tv watching, and a cellphone for my phone service and haven't looked back since.
    A full on cable tv package is just too expensive, and goes up every friggin year.

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    Nov 2001

    Re: Need to switch Providers

    It looks like all your local ota hd stations are in the same direction (portland) and only 15-20 miles away. You might be surprised at what you can pick up on an inexpensive indoor antenna. I basically watch ota and netflix.

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    Jul 2001

    Re: Need to switch Providers

    I have Comcast for internet and Direct TV, happy with both. One big thing is, with Comcast, I get Xfinity Mobile for my cell phones. Cell phone access cost me less than seven dollars for two iPhones. If your current phone is Verizon capable, you can bring your own, if not they will sell sell you a wide assortment of phones for very reasonable prices.

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