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    Jul 2019

    Intel Leader - System Build

    I am interested in building a system based off the current dream system 2019. I would like an Intel based system that is easy to assemble and maintain. I want a very fast HD with a minimum of 2 TB of storage. The video card can be for a mid-level gaming system.

    The games the system will be used for include WoW, Fortnight, maybe a current version of Doom.

    The primary use for this system will be for software development with the main programs being Visual Studio, SQL Server, VMWare Player running Windows and Linux virtual machines. The Linux virtual machines will contain a Linux development environment. I would like to be able to run multiple VM's at once so 32 GB of RAM would be a minimum; but maybe more. Multiple cores are important.

    I will be using a large wide screen curved monitor or 2 monitors. The current top leader board (May 2019) looks good but I don't believe I need that high level of a video board. I would like to spend about $550 for a video board. What components would you recommend?


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    Jul 2019

    Re: Intel Leader - System Build

    For anyone following this thread I've been working on a build.

    The case I'm looking at is the NZXT H400i for about $200. I'm still researching the motherboard, video board, and monitor (looking for good reviews).

    Any thoughts?

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