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Thread: RIP Powerhungry

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    RIP Powerhungry


    I wanted to post that Powerhungry passed away last week. He was 77. I think he posted here most often.

    I've known Bob since right after I started Sidewinder. Online, he was very active on before it went down. He co-founded and wrote product reviews for a number of companies, Lian-Li, Akasa, and many more. Until recently, he worked for Thermalright as an adviser and technical support. I also hired him for a period of time as a consultant. Bob had prior experience in product design and business management that made his advice invaluable. He was a great person and had a witty sense of humor. He was very close to his family and will be dearly missed.

    Gary Stofer

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    Mar 2001

    Re: RIP Powerhungry


    Thank you for taking the time to write of Bob's passing. I "met" Bob through AMDMB, and in those early days of the forums we corresponded routinely on many topics heat transfer, heat sink, and cooling related. He struck me as quite a good fellow.


    Dave Smith aka myv65

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