Hi, New to the forum. Hopefully someone can give me some help here. First the specs:

Asus Z390-P MB
Intel 85 9400F
Samsung EVO 860 250G
G Skill Ripjaws 16 gig
GPU Nvidea nothing fancy, not a gamer. I record music. Has 1 digital and 2 DVI
LG disc drive
Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse.
Universal Audio Apollo Twin soundcard/module.

This is my 5th build so I'm not running blind here. The problems: cpu fan not working, mb does not recognize my disc drive, I am in bios but none of the fans can be controlled and it wants to boot from my ram. Never seen anything like it. Any help would be appreciated. I did put in a call to Asus and did what she said but nothing worked. I might add the only way I could get the monitor to work was to pull one of the memory sticks out. So I'm running bare bones.

Thanks for any help in advance