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    Aug 2014


    I just used this on my 4790K, just to try it out. It hit 100c in a matter of 3-4 minutes! Shuy it off immediatly!
    Used to use this with my 3570K with a 129AIO never got that high
    Does it not play well with Haswell.

    I never hit over 64c while gaming and other vairous programs running at once.

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    Sep 2002
    The Netherlands

    Re: Prime95

    Even my delidded 4970k will hit 100c (or come really close) when running 4.4ghz on all cores using prime95 in blend mode.
    But like u said it's not very representative of stress during gaming.
    I've been using the 'Large FTTs' mode lately. Max temp are closer to the temps of some high CPU load games. So far it seems like if i can run that Prime95 mode for a couple of hours i have to problems in any of my games either.
    Overclocking system:
    ASUS Rampage Formula (BIOS 0403)
    Xeon x3350 SLAX2 @ 8x475=3.8Ghz 1.29Vcore
    Dual Radiator (modded) Koolance EXOS with Zalman WB5 CPU block
    2 x 2GB OCZ Platinum PC8000 @ 950Mhz 5-5-5-18 1.8v
    Enermax NoiseTaker 600W
    ASUS GeForce 8800GTX @ 645/1645/1000

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