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When I was here many years ago, it was the hot topic, and opinions on both sides were strong - this was also reflected in the country in general - You don't think it's weird that people have somehow forgotten - the last full term President afterall was partly elected because of his stance on the Iraq war. It's weird that you have right wing personalities suddenly supporting a President, whom they would have inferred as a traitor during the Iraq war ( though trump wasn't really vocal enough to be noticed at the time)

It's not really a strawman as well. It was more of an invitation to explain, i know that many of the conservative members here still support Trump, but I'm wondering why that certain issue never came up. It's like we invaded a country and killed, spent millions of dollars, and was heavily defended and such - then as the coverage of Iraq fades... its like there is absolutely no discussion of Trumps dissent during that period

Some views have evolved, things have changed, but your views during the conflict will remain the same. This post was an invitation to explain and I still see a few are still as strong about their views of the Iraq war. I see some have

" we are not single issue voters""

I guess my problem with that, this isn't a single issue like whether people should be drug tested for welfar. It was a pretty substantial issue that effected a whole region, our spending, and our american citizens. I just find it odd how people forget how fervant they were during the climax of the war, and how quickly we forget. If I have made any point with this, it was that.

It's not even so much as supporting/notsupporting, its as if the issue was forgotten completely. I wouldn't support Trump because there are others who also didn't support the war. If he was the only one running with that position, I just wouldn't vote. And lets say, Bernie Sanders was running and he talked about supporting the Iraq war, that would COMPLETELY change my view about him, and I would struggle with it, and i would be vocal about that
Like I said Trump was left with Obama’s mess. He helped, I say again helped the Iraqi forces defeat ISIS. He used air power and advisors no massive troop deployments. “As of 9/15/19 “Iraq: About 5,200 U.S. troops are in Iraq as of January, per a spokesperson from the Department of Defense. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said American troops are presently deployed in Iraq to help combat ISIS”... Wars can’t be like Walmart, Costco of Pennys. They cost millions and billions. Just what kind of words are trying to put in somebody’s mouth. Your question amounts to a out of control circular saw... You are “boocoo dinky dow” ...

Most people unlike you support the troops when they are fighting and dying... The age of no support for the troops died in 1975... Except for some in the democratic party...

btw... I believe Al Qaeda was one of the combatants in Iraq. Shocking!