With the end of Win7 coming in a couple of months I have been thinking of converting my old Media Center into a NAS box.

What is a good NAS for a novice on a home LAN? My first thought would be Open Media Vault but do you grey beards have any ideas?

I used Linux for my home PCs from 2001-2007 when I sinned and went back to Windows. So I have some rusty Linux knowledge.

The box is a i3 4130T Haswell (35W) 2c/4t 8Gb RAM built in 2014 on a GigaByte GA-Z97MX-Gaming5 motherboard. I used it for a Win7 Media Center recording box from 2014-2017, when I dropped cable TV. Then I just used it as a on-line backup box for my other 3 Win10 PCs.