Well guys, got the Thermaltake put in and I am pleasently suprised, no hum at all, and my idle temps are actually 1C better than with my Delta....Very strange.....Now my problem is the face that these new Panaflo 47cfm 80mm fans are too freaking loud, lol....Now they are the ones humming....My question is, are there anything better than the 2 Adda AD0812MS-A76GL, .15A 80mm fans and one AD0812LS-A76GL that came with my case. I may leave the two Panaflos on the front, since I have the 3 speed adjustable switch on them, but the exhaust fan is way to loud now. Again, any suggestions are appreciated, and I highly reccomend www.so-trickcomputers.com to all of you. One more thing, do you guys use the self-tapping machine screws to attach your 80mm fans to your case, or something else?