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Thread: Coolerguys!!!!

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    Jul 2001

    Thumbs down Coolerguys!!!!

    This past summer I ordered and received a Windtunnel II Gamers ATX Case from Coolerguys. There were some initial defective parts, the most important one being a power on/off switch that was erratic in its behavior...sometimes works, most times not. Initially Coolerguys was great in responding to my e-mails and calling me and sending me replacements for a couple of the smaller parts and telling me that they had to wait on a new front panel with the new power on/off button since it was being made (who knows where). Then on the Friday prior to Labor Day, they e-mail me and say that they received the new front panel and that it would be mailed the nex week on Tuesday (day after Labor Day). That was the last I heard from them!!!

    I have left numerous e-mails and answering machine message for them for the past five weeks, and they are not responding. I went to the Better Business Bureau website for Coolerguys in their Washington State area, and they have a bad rap!

    What gives? Has anyone else had experience (good or bad) with them? Are they still in business? I have started to do search engines on Coolerguy sites that give rave reviews about them, and I am sending them this same message! Look out for these folks....they are ripoffs!

    I now have a custom built unit that I dare not turn off (since July!) because it may not turn back on again without fidgeting around with the power on/off button a gazillion times. The case is great, though. Very cool temps inside. But their "100% customer satisfaction" logo on their website is FALSE ADVERTISING!


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    Apr 2001


    I placed an order back in May 2001 for $26.00 with them. They told me that it was shipped and that once it is in the USPS hands its not thier responsibility anymore. I never got any merchandise. I emailed no response from the Coolerguys. I filled a complaint with the BBB in Washington. That is my first and last dealings with the cooler guys.
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    Jul 2001
    Ive ordered from the coolerguys before and received my package in the time i requested it. I had no difficulties reaching them in any way. I have not ordered from them since then. I started buying from they have excellent support and intellegent people there. Once i ordered a package USPSexpress (same as next day air) on a friday morning to be delivered to my work... Well being the intelligent people they are they shipped the package to my house instead of my work because saturday delivery. Sidewinder is the place i stick to for my cooling accessories.
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    Apr 2001
    Georgia, USA
    I have ordered from CoolerGuys about 3 times now and had no problems with my orders.

    However, I have noticed several posts from people here have problems with CoolerGuys. So I don't use them anymore.

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    May 2012

    Re: Coolerguys!!!!

    I bought a cooling fan that was junk, but worked. Then I bought a speed controller for it that fried the moment I plugged it in.
    I asked for a return, and they dragged their feet. After bothering them over and over, they finally issued an RMA.
    Unlike reputable companies, they did not send a paid return label with the RMA, so I had to spend more to return it.
    I never heard back after sending it, so I e-mailed again asking where my refund was. The guy claimed it probably came in on the last batch and hadn't been checked in yet, even though it had been nearly a month, which I pointed out. No response.
    Then I threatened them with legal action, and suddenly got this response: "You need to seriously calm down, all of your correspondence have been threats and anger.
    I see your box in the return pile so it must have come in the last couple of days since it wasn't there on Wednesday last time they were processed."

    Only my last e-mail was threatening. Funny how he was suddenly able to find it in a "pile" after I threatened them.

    They finally replied with a refund, but only for the purchase price, not the shipping I paid either way. They charge enough shipping, and refuse to refund it so when you return the garbage they sell, they still make money. Thieves

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    Nov 2001
    I've moved.....I'm over here now.

    Re: Coolerguys!!!!

    1. What you describe as to shipping charges being your responsibility is standard practice. Since they paid the shipping to send you the product, they did not pocket the $$, they spent it. Try reading the terms and conditions when you buy something and you'll find that shipping charges are non-refundable and return shipping is your on your dime. I have no idea whether coolerguys are thieves but this example wouldn't go towards proving it.

    2. Did you realize this thread was 10.5 years old?

    3. Welcome to

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    Nov 2011

    Re: Coolerguys!!!!

    Must be a great company to have such consistent service?
    Their website:
    Making it cool for over 10 years!

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