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Thread: Xp Mp ????

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    Oct 2001

    Xp Mp ????

    I hope I'm not beating a dead horse here and I have gone through the many posts and replies concerning Dual XPs but I still don't feel I have the answer.

    Is it hit or miss as whether or not all XP's will run in smp on the Tiger?
    Are the new ones locked?
    Is it true that the only difference between the MP and XP is certification?
    Has anybody gotten a straight answer from AMD on this?
    Is it possible the Tiger will see the 2 XP's but not really run in dual mode to full potential without the MP?

    I'm running the Tiger now with Dual TB 1 gigs and would like to get the 1700+ XP's, but am kinda on a fence expecially since the faster MP's will be out soon I would like to save some money with the XP's.

    Thanks A Lot,

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    Jul 2001
    Atlanta, GA, USA
    MPs are already out. I'm using *new* computer with MP chips (just in case). The thing is. If you get the XPs and use them in smp, you void the warentee. That means if it doesn't work you can't go complain. If you did the questions probably wouldn't make sense and they would know. I say go with MP chips.

    EDIT: Oh yeah. There are no Athlon MP 1700+ but there are Athlon XP 1700+.
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