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    Nov 2001
    Indianapolis, IN USA

    BIOS Option "Reset Configuration Data" - what does it do?

    Does anyone know what this option does. The BIOS description says that it is used to update the ESRD configuration data if you add hardware and your O/S gets so messed up that it won't boot.

    Ever since I have had this Dragon Plus running WinXP, I have had problems with the system hanging during the Windows startup routine requiring a hard reset. It is most prevalent if the printer is either off-line for some reason, or if I have just made a change to the hardware - even minor ones (different USB device hooked up, etc.).

    But every time I enable this option in the BIOS and restart, the system springs to life and continues to work reliably from that point forward ... until I make another change. I have learned to enable this option every time I make a change now, and I have had no more problems with this board.

    What does it do???

    Has anyone else used it to fix their problems???

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    Dec 2001
    I believe this is supposed to reset the resource config (IRQs, Memory addresses, etc) being used by the hardware.

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