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    Dec 2001

    Bios settings for Athlon XP 1800

    What are the correct out of box ( not OC ) settings for a Athlon XP1800. Motherboard is Asus A7V266-E

    CPU Speed ?
    System Freq. Multiple ?
    System/PCI Freq. Multiple ?
    Vcore ?

    I think my system which was just built a few days ago is running a bit hot. Before I remount the Swiftech MCX370 HS I want to make sure my MB is set up with the right settings. Both mbm5 and Asus PC Probe show the same temps. 48-50 C for cpu temps at non intensive use. I have an Antec SX1040B case with 2 fans in the rear blowing out, 1 fan in the front blowing in. The MCX370 HS came boxed with a fan included. I forget the name of the fan that comes with that HS. Case temps are around 29 C

    Help Plz.

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    Dec 2001
    Coastal Central Queensland - Australia
    run SiSoft Sandra, it will tell ya everything you need to know, download from
    cpu is 1.53 mhz
    multiplier is 11.5
    V-core is 1.75v +/- .05
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