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    Aug 2001
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    What does CL rating on memory mean?

    I have one chip that is CL2 128MB pc100 and another that is 256 pc133 and i think its CL2.5. Does it matter what CL rating I use and also should I even bother mixing the two chips since one is "faster" than the other. Will I notice a downgrade in performance as it changes from pc133 to pc100. Also will does anyone know if pc150 memory is valid??
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    CL means Cas Latency. The smaller the value the faster the memory. On Via based chipsets, a CL rating of 2 is around 5-10% faster than 3. However, when overclocking a cas latency of 3 will usually yield higher mhz. You would have to benchmark to figure which is the best performance. Usually the CL 2 will be better. You can usually change your CL from 2 to 3 in your bios. Hope this helps!

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    Sep 2001
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    CL, memory settings...

    Motherboard bios usually has these CL settings for one to adjust.

    Found out about them not long ago. Usually the settings are 2 or 3 or auto. 3 being the slowest.
    I set my PC133 from auto to 2 and it did make a noticeable speed difference. Not only on benchmark scores but also visibly.

    It has to do with whether your ram can function at that lower rate (CL2).
    If it can, meaning the PC runs without crashing, then it's preferable.

    I'm not so sure, but it the way I heard it, is that, it's actually the speed of the ram that determines.
    Like, any PC133 ram can run at CL2 when set at 100Mhz fsb.
    Any PC150 can run at CL2 when set at 133Mhz FSB.
    Off course, there are PC133 that can run at CL2 at 133Mhz FSB.
    Maybe PC133 that can run at CL2 are really something like "PC135" or more.

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