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Thread: folding monitor

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    Jun 2001
    N. New Joisey

    It would work ....

    Originally posted by SloNoMo
    daughter's getting a new [ old ] machine -- all new but yesterday's processor, for her artsy-craftsy stuff-- not needing blazing speed..

    just gonna hafta make it with strings attached... it runs SETI in the background... end of discusssion .. yeah right !!
    At least Seti will run acceptably on older CPU's ..... folding is hard on the lower spec units. PS just do and say nothing ... thats the way it runs dear...
    the Britgeezer

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    Jul 2001
    N of Monkee Junction, Southeastern North Carolina
    she'll say-- sure Dad- luv-u... and do exactly as she pleases...
    [hell, i helped train her ]

    " All that's necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing."-
    Edmund Burke

    " Crunch Away! But, play nice .."
    --RagingSteveK's mom


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