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    Jun 2001
    N. New Joisey

    Thumbs up Neighbors ...

    Originally posted by hassan2121
    hey I never noticed you were from Joisey That means we're neighbors
    You bet . geographic and folding - but you got me way beat on Seti ... don't know how it happened but 1 folder managed to pump for a few days without giving me credit ...... I think I may have contributed some no name 734's even a few Y's but not now, although I see Y has another score - gonna check again that its not me .....................

    Edit ... nope not me!

    The end of the day should see me back in my rightful place and cranking Seti's too

    I use a DC Nikon CoolPix 880 great device - suggest a sandisk USB card reader - saves a lot of time in DL's
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    the Britgeezer

    My Heat otherwise a smoke free home

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