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    Jan 2002

    A7V266E-Restart Win98se and randomly bios doesn't boot

    This is my second A7V266E motherboard. First one was crap. I've had my machine running stable, at least until tonight. I know that The first board was problematic installing windows. I already went and re-installed when I set this board up. I guess I might have to do it again. But, right now, I need my machine running so I can get my work done. Tonight, I woke my machine from stand-by and after a few minutes restarted cause it wasn't recognizing my printer.

    The first restart came up with a .dll error (3dfx file for voodoo3).
    Second restart, Bios didn't boot.
    Hit reset switch, booted to windows and gave registry error. Windows "fixed" and restarted, automatically booted into bios.
    Reset bios settings, saved/restarted
    Booted to Windows, registry error-windows fixed, restarted
    Booted into Bios, double checked Bios settings, all ok, saved/restarted
    Booted into safe mode and fixed settings changes windows made.
    Restarted, bios didn't boot. Hit reset switch. machine booted fine
    Restarted from windows again with no problem.
    Now it's running fine.

    Out of the box my first board was like this, making Windows a complete wreck. First one did this from the beginning and ended up not booting at all, no matter what I did. I've checked all the settings, software and jumpers, nothings wrong. My processor and ram were fine from the first board, even though I was given replacements, just in case. My temps during normal use don't go above 59C, I'm normally around 53-55C. I've had this board up and running for 5 days, without any problems, now this. I'd hate to think that I'd get a 2nd faulty board. Any ideas?

    Athlon XP+1900
    Asus A7V266 E (1.07.)
    BIOS 1006e (final)
    512MB PC266 Samsung
    PNY Geforce 3
    SB Live
    Acer Cdrw 12x8x32
    Creative dvd 6x (took decoder out)
    2x40gig Maxtor 7200rpm RAID0
    Win2000 Pro
    Antec Sx-840 400watt pp412x
    It's a work in progress...

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    Jan 2002
    Mary Esther, Florida
    What size and type of power supply
    do you have, you might want to
    check your voltages.

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