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    Jul 2001
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    Lightbulb Good video card.........and more.........

    Hey there,

    Well, I have basically the same video card you do. It's an
    Asus brand. People are raving about the ATI cards but I have
    never really used them. All I have ever used is Nvidia.
    I don't think I would be a very good source to ask on
    video cards. If you ask people here you'll get 2000 answers
    for both. Honestly, usually has some good
    reviews on the video cards. Depending on what you need the
    card for will determine what you should get. Age of Empires
    is good with what you have right now. Throw in Unreal
    Tournament 2003 and you will probrably want something equal
    to a GF 4 or GOOD Radeon 8500. Again it all depends on what
    you are going to be running and if you really need the extra
    power. I have UT2003 and it really boggles down with my GF2

    About the heat probe...I haven't heard of Shuttle using the
    integrated temp probe. This will usually mean that temps will
    actually be about 8-10 C higher. The temps you see in my sig
    are with the built in temp probe. It's basically the difference
    between being in the fire and right next to the fire.

    You know what ....I never noticed this....but you have 333 MHZ
    ram for an XP 1600 +. The 1600+ are rated at 266 MHz or
    133 FSB. I don't think AMD made Thourobreds in the 1600+.
    Is the 333 MHZ ram just in case you want to upgrade ???
    That means a FSB of 166 MHZ.

    You can have 333 ram if you don't run it at that speed....normally
    assuming you don't overclock. Is the ram MUSHKIN ???

    On the PSU issue again...look on the PSU sticker and see
    what the combined wattage is...rating that is. Just curious.

    BTW - Here's that MEMTEST link.....
    Make sure you have an unzipping application for it.

    Hope this gets you rolling again.

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